Have you heard about the virtual tour? It is digital technique that goes beyond simple photos, offering more flexibility. It allows candidates to visit and revisit the property without having to move. Do you need to invest in this method to increase your chances of selling? Will your investment be profitable? Ask your agency, maybe they offer it...

Sell ​​your house in a digital context

Internet, Wifi, 4G, smartphones, tablets, laptops, it has never been easier to access everything you want, at any time. Real estate is no exception! A person looking to buy or rent a property will have the first reflex to look at real estate agencies sites to make a first selection of properties that interest him. But how does the candidate realize what to expect with simple photos? In the current context where the sale of real estate becomes more and more complex (competition, economic climate, financing ...), and where people have less and less time, simple photos are often not enough to generate visits. To meet this need, a new trend has emerged: the virtual tour.

What is the virtual tour?

This is neither a video nor 3D. If the simple photos can account for a single angle of view, instead, the virtual tour is composed of photos taken at 360 degrees. You will be able to see everything around you, floor to ceiling. Just as your eyes will choose a corner of the room, it will be possible to rotate the angle of the photo to take a closer look at a particular space. In addition to that, all the panoramic photos are connected to each other. It is a special software inserted in the website that will move the virtual space and zoom. The visitor is at the center of the calculated and interactive environment, in which the image evolves according to its demands. Some agencies will tell you that the virtual tour will greatly increase your chances of selling. But are the benefits real or is it just to sell one more benefit?

The benefits of a virtual tour

1) Saving time for the candidate and the owner. It allows the candidate to make a first visit and see if he falls in love or not. The virtual tour is one more step between the photos and the physical visit and allows to better filter the offers. The interested parties will only move if the virtual tour really convinced them and the owner will not have to visit his property to people who could expect anything else. With virtual tours, you can do this quietly from your couch. 2) This allows to "multiplying visits". We can recall elements that we had perhaps forgotten during the first visit, ask the opinion of his friends, his parents. Thanks to the virtual visit, you can visit your property at any time. Practice if a potential buyer suffers from insomnia. 3) Propose enlarged viewing angles compared to an ordinary photo and interactivity of the technology. 4) Set yourself apart from your competitors when searching the internet. Your property will stand out and will be more attractive than single-angle shots.

Photos or virtual visit, think to highlight your property!

Anyway, prepare your well before shooting: de-clutter, purify spaces, depersonalize, clean, decorate with neutral and bright colors. Ask your agency to choose a professional photographer, who will know how to use light. Also think about layout techniques, such as homestaging. In short, before thinking about the virtual tour, make sure that you have put all the chances on your side regarding the presentation of your property and, of course, that the buyer will find the same atmosphere and the same quality during his visit physical!