Real estate coaching

How to negotiate your real estate purchase ?

Every home purchase is unique and real estate trading is a factor that depends on many factors. However, there are certain criteria to take into account to successfully negotiate the purchase. Know how to decrypt the purchase budget Of course,…

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Real estate coaching: what is it?

Real estate coaching is a technique that has been widely used in Canada for about fifteen years. In France, this practice aims to accompany and transmit to the seller the necessary tools to sell his property at the best price…

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Leasing: your rights to your home during divorce or dissolution

Are you separating from your spouse with whom you are currently renting an apartment? What happens to your common lease? All you need to know. Rent and concubine: what becomes of the lease in case of separation? If you are…

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To sell one’s house without an agency, is it really a source of savings?

According to these new real estate agents who charge their services at reduced fixed costs, selling their house without commission would inevitably lead to substantial savings. Proof of this is that an online simulator to assess potential savings is usually…

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