Real estate coaching is a technique that has been widely used in Canada for about fifteen years. In France, this practice aims to accompany and transmit to the seller the necessary tools to sell his property at the best price and speed up the sales process. And yes, the world moves, new actors appear but that does not stop only at real estate. Indeed, advice in valuation and communication are perfectly suited to all types of goods, whether boats, campers, cars etc...

A personalized coach to sell his property

The real estate coaching consists of a support of the salesman by a professional to enable him to accelerate the process of sale. The real estate coach intervenes from the beginning of the sale and assists the seller through all stages of the process. It is not always easy for an individual to value the price of a good. The coach perfectly masters the arcane real estate market and sends his client targeted information to estimate his property at the best price.

Enhancement of the property

The real estate coach is also involved in the development stage of the property. He gives his advice to perform a makeover, rearrange parts and optimize the decoration to cause the crush. Fully aware of the local and national market, the real estate coach also gives valuable advice for setting up communication tools (professional networks, announcements, photos).

Organization of visits and sales techniques

The real estate coach tells the seller the strengths of the property to highlight during visits and gives professional advice for visitor management. Last but not least, the coach also offers his client training on sales and negotiation techniques to get a better price.

What prices for a real estate coach?

The services of a real estate coach are not comparable to those of a real estate agent. Generally, the price is defined from the outset as a fixed price, payable in advance or not. Depending on the size and location of the property, it is necessary to count between 1000 and 6000 € to benefit from the services of a real estate coach. In summary, the real estate coach:
  • Brings its expertise thanks to its perfect knowledge of the local market and real estate legislation
  • Intervenes in the development of the property
  • Gives tips on marketing and communication
  • Accompany the salesperson in negotiations by advising adapted strategies
In general, the real estate coaching speeds up the sales process.