The small town of Cambridge, located eighty kilometers north from London, has twenty-two thousand students for a total population of some 120,000. You know this city for her world-renowned university but. It is best to choose flats to rent in Cambridge to enjoy your vacation. Visit if you want to learn more about Cambridge apartments for rent.

How to visit Cambridge during your holidays?

From museums to big shops there is definitely something in tune with the desires of every Cambridge visitor. If you are interested in history and culture, the Fitzwilliam Museum is one of the first public museums in Britain. If you are more interested in theater and entertainment, Cambridge knows how to serve you. There is the Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge's largest performance venue and the ADC Theater, where plays have been on display since 1855. In addition, there is the Cambridge Arts Theater, one of the most exciting venues in the city. a region with more than 75 years of extensive dance, music, opera, theater and also shows dedicated to children. If you're more attracted to nature, check out Cambridge University's Botanical Garden or one of the university's many college gardens. Opting for Cambridge flats to rent allows you to fully enjoy your stay.

The best way to discover Cambridge for your UK vacations?

Cambridge is a very green city, with many parks. You can start your day with a little tourist jogging on the banks of the Cam. Just between the Jesus Green and the Midsummer Common, you can already make a beautiful route. But it is interesting to continue much further east to Ditton Meadows. A good morning stroll along the Cam is also an opportunity to see the English train rowing, a sport very popular in Cambridge. On the other hand, the parks located behind the colleges are not in free access: to discover them it is necessary to visit the college. In addition, the passages to pass from one college to another are closed, which limits the ride on that side. Nothing like punting on the Cam (I'll talk about it below) to discover this corner of the city. The most effective solution for visiting Cambridge is to opt for the flats to rent Cambridge.

Why visit the wonderful Gothic chapel?

You must rent Cambridge if you want to visit the Gothic chapel. Whether you take the guided tour or not, do not be put off by the prohibitive price, because the interior of the chapel is a marvel, which is only matched by the Sainte Chapelle de Paris. The chapel is made in the style of British Gothic. The vaults are particularly worked, while finesse, with many arches. A real work of lace! It is hard to imagine that it is stone that is used for the construction of the building so much the ornaments are finely chiselled. The chapel also has sumptuous stained glass, which we are lucky enough to still admire today! Indeed, their history is eventful and they have almost disappeared twice. A first time during the civil war at the time of Cromwell, when the building was converted into a dormitory for the military, then during the Second World War where they had to be dismantled to be safe from bombing.