What to do in Cardiff? This city became the official capital of Wales in 1955. Located on the wide estuary of the Severn and crossed by small rivers Taff and Rhymney, the city has long been an important port. And thanks to its role as the cultural and economic center of the country, this city has become an excellent starting point for exploring South Wales. Cardiff offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, many popular festivals and a variety of sports facilities, including recognized golf courses. Its arcades and well-preserved Victorian streets are pleasant to discover, and are home to excellent shops and restaurants.

Why visit the castle and the national museum?

Most holidaymakers choose flats to rent in Cardiff for their stay, in order to visit the castle and museum of this city. You can visit https://www.for-sale.com/ if you are interested in renting an apartment in Cardiff. Located in the center of the city, Cardiff Castle stands on a site formerly occupied by a Roman fort, parts of which have been preserved and partially restored. The castle is actually a set of three fortresses. A new castle was built in 1090, and several richly decorated buildings were added later. You can climb on the main tower to have a view of the city and explore the basements of the castle. Located in the spectacular Cardiff Civic Center, the National Museum of Cardiff hosts the country's archeology, geology, art and natural history collections. The exhibition on the evolution of Wales takes visitors on a journey of five million years including the many dinosaurs that once roamed the country. Fossil exhibits and weapons from the Bronze Age are also remarkable. If you have the desire to discover this museum, all you have to do is choose a flat to rent in Cardiff.

Other interesting places to visit in Cardiff

You can rent cardiff if you are thinking of spending your holidays in this splendid city. Widely regarded as one of Britain's greatest successes, the stunning redevelopment of Cardiff Bay spans nearly 1100 hectares in the former dockland area and is home to upscale housing, offices, hotels, restaurants, theaters, sports fields and many parks. It is here that you will see the Pierhead, a red brick building built in 1897 that now lists documents relating to the history of Wales. The Millennium Stadium at Arms Park is one of the most advanced sports facilities in the country, and is a favorite and special place for rugby fans. In addition to the football and rugby matches of the national team, the stadium also hosts concerts, boxing matches, motorcycle races ... Widely considered one of the best performing arts centers in the world The Wales Millennium Center has become one of Cardiff's most important cultural sites and a must-see attraction.

How to go and where to stay in Cardiff?

The Welsh capital is served by several airlines, but a stopover flight will be required from most French cities. Compare the best flights on Skyscanner. If you prefer to arrive by train, you have to check timetables and prices from London. During the day, trains leave for Cardiff every thirty minutes from London. Depending on the duration of your stay in Cardiff, there are areas to focus for flats to rent in Cardiff.