Oxford is a famous university town just an hour from London; it's a gem of culture and architecture. Inescapable in the discovery of England for your holidays in the UK, it is possible to visit Oxford in one day.

The peculiarity of Oxford

One of the most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford University is the oldest university in England and all Anglo-Saxon. The university is the first reason to visit Oxford. Oxford is the quintessence of intellectual excellence. This city is an academic grail and a quest almost magical. The list of former students makes for a dizzy spell. It is easier to visit Oxford than to study, so seeing the places and sniffing the atmosphere is a good idea. Gothic architecture is another reason to visit Oxford. While other British cities were mistreated by German bombs, Oxford is a time capsule. Oxford like all cities of knowledge has extraordinary museums: Art, antiques, natural history, science, music, anthropology. Add to Oxford a bucolic setting, gardens, a river and canals and you will understand why the city at one o'clock in London has this magnetic power. In addition, it is very easy to find oxford apartments for rent for your stays in this city, visit www.for-sale.com for more.

How to visit Oxford?

The best solution for visiting this city is to choose from rent in oxford. Visiting Oxford must begin with a visit to the city center, a typical and picturesque district that invites you to walk. You can stroll through its pedestrian streets, and discover the "Covered market". This old covered market founded in 1770 and it houses many small shops and stalls to eat. You will be completely carried away by the atmosphere of the city. Choosing from the flats to rent in oxford allows you to visit the University of this city. You have the opportunity to discover its majestic beige buildings that will inspire you with their grandeur and serenity.

Why do you choose to spend your holidays in Oxford?

Oxford is world famous for its University. Oxford Castle only confirms its exceptional architectural heritage. Oxford is a student city and also a highly cultural city with museums like the Natural History of Oxford University. This city has for some years undertaken the redevelopment of the city center in order to make it pedestrian. Movie lovers and especially Harry Potter will certainly enjoy being at the scene of many movie scenes. If Oxford is full of places of interest, an excursion in its surroundings will allow you to visit sites around the city. The opportunity to think outside the box or to do something you should not miss. To make the most of your stay in Oxford, it is essential to choose where to stay.