The UK doesn’t lack coastal cities to satisfy tourists looking for salt water ... Renting in Brighton is an ideal solution to enjoy a beautiful beach.

Brighton as a beach destination

Nicknamed "London by the sea" by the English, Brighton Beach is the most famous seaside resort on the south coast of England. With its 13 kilometers long, when you are facing the sea, you can admire the famous Brighton Palace Pier on your left and the West Pier on your right. Although crowded in summer, the atmosphere is nice, relaxed and warm. To stay in the typical British, take the opportunity to rent small colorful deckchairs for two dollars, it will allow you to be even more comfortable and not to feel the pebbles. To have the opportunity to stay in one of the best seaside resorts, you must find Brighton apartments for rent.

Why choose Brighton Beach?

Brighton is the favorite seaside resort on the south coast of England. This city is one hour south of London. Here, no fine sand and turquoise sea ... But the sleeve and its pebbles know that they have nothing to envy to their southern equivalents. The most popular part of the seaside is between the two jetties. The pebble beach of Brighton is crowded every spring weekend and in summer by Londoners who spend a weekend at the seaside. Along the beach, you will find many bars and nightclubs, art galleries and the fishing museum. To discover this seaside resort, it is advisable to opt for flats to rent Brighton.

Other reasons to choose Brighton for your stay

Go to the seaside in England? With its seaside atmosphere, stunning beaches and a number of quirky places, the Brighton coastal city is truly attractive. Brighton is certainly one of the most popular coastal cities in England. The English and other travelers like to come and relax there for a weekend or for a longer stay, mainly for the beach. You really feel the seaside atmosphere by strolling along the souvenir shops and snacks, with the sound of seagulls screaming and the rustling of the sea. This town offers an unusual garden decorated with stone sculptures representing a fisherman who once realized to fool boredom. Anyone who thinks that Brighton is the seaside resort for families and retirees is mistaken. Thanks to the numerous festivals and entertainment offers, you will not be bored during your stay. So choosing Brighton for your summer vacation is a good idea.