Many holidaymakers opt for a holiday in Glasgow to discover this beautiful city. But, they need to look for a flat in Glasgow.

Why discover Glasgow?

Renting in Glasgow is essential for your stay in this city. Visit if you want to know more about flats to rent in Glasgow. Located 60 km from Edinburgh, Glasgow is however very different from the Scottish capital. Crossed by the Clyde, it is more industrial, more trendy and sophisticated. Night owls like museum and art lovers will have fun in this city where chic clubs and traditional Scottish pubs rub shoulders with buildings of both futuristic and Victorian architecture. Football fans can explore the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park, while art lovers can visit the Glasgow School of Art. On a trip to Scotland, you can easily do Edinburgh and Glasgow in the same week.

The best things that specify Glasgrow

You must choose Glasgow apartments for rent to enjoy this city. A mixture of industrial and sophisticated city, Scotland's largest city has evolved over the last two decades to become one of Britain's most fascinating metropolises. At first glance, Glasgow and its beautiful Victorian buildings, a legacy of wealth generated by commerce, give the impression of a stilted place. The opposite is true: the city is full of stylish bars, upscale restaurants, lively clubs and one of the best live music scenes in the UK. The combination of this hustle and the legendary kindness of its inhabitants is captivating. Forgotten the bad reputation she had, Glasgow became the British capital of architecture and design. Lovers of architecture, art, history, nightlife ... everyone will be amazed to visit Glasgow.

How to discover Glasgow?

What was once known as the Transport Museum has a new name and a new home. The Riverside Museum, the first major public building by architect Zaha Hadid in the UK, is on the site of a former shipyard that few cities or countries can compete with. The architecture of this free museum is part of the visit. The facades and roofs of the building are fully clad with two hundred tonnes of zinc-titanium. Despite its sought-after design, the museum alludes to port architecture. Just behind the brewery on Wishart Street is the Necropolis, which is described as a unique representation of Victorian Glasgow. Large, intricately designed monuments, designed by renowned Glaswegian architects such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, have been erected in honor of wealthy merchants. The necropolis is located on a hill and has a beautiful view of the city. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a museum, but this one is one of the most important museums in Scotland. It is a museum of art, stuffed animals and micronesian shark-toothed swords alongside a Spitfire aircraft.