The house rental can concern the renting of principal residence or the hiring of holidays. It can be long-term or short-term. If you are interested in learning more about property rental, visit Whatever the form of the lease, it is a relationship between an owner and a tenant framed by the law. Just like renting an apartment, renting a house is governed by a lease and specific regulations.

How to rent your main residence? 

When looking for a house to rent to live a priori indefinitely, the first question to ask is the type of rental house sought: a furnished rental or an empty rental. In the majority of cases, a house rental as a main residence is rather an empty dwelling, renting a furnished house is rather the prerogative of the holiday rental. The lease and the rights to it are different whether it is an empty house rental or a furnished house rental. Regarding the empty lease, it must be written in writing and delivered to each of the signatory parties: owner, tenant, flat mate, guarantor, etc. This lease of house rental contains all information relating to the rights and duties of each party, housing and rent and is the reference contract between each interlocutor.

How to rent a seasonal rental?

Renting a house can also mean holidays! In this case, it is necessarily a rental house furnished. It is a short-term lease that governs this type of lease. This lease contracts the relationship between the owner and the tenant and details, for the duration mentioned, the different rights and duties of both parties, the complete description of the rented house and its furniture, as well as the rent per week of this rental. The legal and tax regulations related to seasonal rental are different from those of conventional rental. By the way, vacation rental rents are very expensive than conventional rental. These are usually rents per week and the prices charged during the holiday seasons are quite expensive. It is the law of supply and demand that is very strong on these holiday periods.

Some general criteria to choose the best location

Most holidaymakers also examine the comfort of the accommodation and its facilities when planning to spend holidays in the UK. Internet access, television, coffee machine and washing machine are essential ... However, the distance to go shopping is also to be taken into account. Many holiday enthusiasts use a secure booking platform that ensures that rentals are available and can be paid via the site without risk.