We have so many assurances everywhere that we ask ourselves if it is necessary. Home insurance is one of the compulsory insurance. So if you just bought a property or you want to rent it, it is important at this time to ask the right questions to effectively protect its assets.

Why do I need home insurance for my house or apartment?

If you are a homeowner or renter, or if you have a house or apartment, your home insurance obligations are different depending on your status or the nature of the property.

Home insurance for the owner who lives in his property

If you occupy your home, it is not mandatory to take out comprehensive home insurance but in case of fire, no compensation will be paid if your responsibility is recognized. Therefore for peace of mind, it is imperative to subscribe to home insurance.

Home insurance for a landlord - renter

You can insure in civil liability by opting for the guarantees "recourse of the tenants" and recourse of the neighbors and the thirds: it will be thus covered against the damages related to a defect of construction or a lack of maintenance. If you are an apartment owner: approach your condominium trustee to check the extent of the risks covered by the insurance contract for the building. And you can question your insurer so you do not have a duplicate guarantee.

Home insurance for the tenant

Regarding your tenant, you are entitled to require a certificate of home insurance when delivering the keys. In the absence of insurance, the lease may be terminated if the lease includes such a clause. The legal obligation for the tenant does not apply on furnished rental, seasonal rental and function housing. I invite you to make sure in this context because the deposit can be ridiculous compared to the damage. Solutions exist: inquire with your insurer.