Sale : what do you need to know

Do you plan to sell a house or apartment? Remember that it is mandatory to present the buyer some real estate diagnostics. Real estate diagnoses allow future buyers to get a fair idea of ​​the qualities and defects of real estate. Let's now find out which diagnoses are required to sell a home.

When doing real estate diagnostics ?

You have decided to sell your house and you do not want to incur the slightest expense. You think that you will order the diagnostics when an acquirer appears. Big mistake! After several days, weeks or months of sale, you receive an offer to purchase that you accept. You think the negotiation is over. You ask a diagnostician and he delivers his report. Very often your property will present anomalies in electrical or gas. It is the same for the individual sanitation. This negative information presented at the last moment to the buyer will induce a discomfort in the sales transaction and the buyer will want to negotiate the price again. In fact, you will have lost time and money. A negative feeling will emerge when the pre-contract is signed. Your acquirer will suspect further breaches of the sale information. In addition, it is mandatory to present on any real estate ads the diagnosis of energy performance. It is best to establish all diagnoses from the start. Certainly the parasitic state and the state of the risks and pollution have a validity limited to six months but generally the professionals agree to renew them without expenses so much as to realize the complete report from the beginning of the operation of put on sale. Your seller credibility will be improved in the interests of the parties and the various stakeholders (agency, notaries).